We are a lawyer-run company that is changing the way assessments are done:

You don’t need to settle for reports with thin social and employment histories that make you remind an assessor – too late - that you need a holistic evaluation of your client to establish your claim.

You don’t need to accept murky, 'black box' conclusions that leave you wondering whether your assessor is just tamely ‘supporting‘ you.

You don’t need to wait until adjudication to find out that there is another plausible medical case to be made.

You don’t need to wade through your report with a medical dictionary in one hand and a textbook in the other.

We have no insurer priorities; we are focused on the legal community. We are not the ‘legal services division’ of an insurer assessment factory.

We give you the honest and defensible assessment you deserve for your disbursement dollar.

Our fully developed reports are documented in an aggressive way that leaves the others seeming cryptic and arbitrary.