We are fully conscious of the redefinition of the role of the expert brought about by the recent changes in the Ontario Rules. We dedicate ourselves to the standards implicit in those new rules – to provide an impartial assessment regardless of the pressures of the marketplace.

Our entire line-up of services is predicated upon transparency and dedication to the new paradigm of expert testimony in the Rules of Civil Practice, from intake to final report (and recording, if desired).

We supply a stream of documentation to reveal the full scope of our instructions, our means of data acquisition and results. We report our conclusions and supporting rationale for those conclusions – both positive and negative.

Should your matter come to trial, we provide our signature legal backup to ensure effective transition to testimony in court where necessary.

Our backup recording services are fully compliant with judicial standards for the admission of such evidence. We offer the documented sequencing, prompt accessibility and convenient distribution the standards require.

Our transparency principle is a new standard for the assessment process – one that you can impose on your opponents.